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Lucy Lawless
Guest starring on the X-Files
Nothing Important Happened Today I&II

Six Degrees of Separation?

Lucy Lawless studied at the William Davis Centre for Actor's Study in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada under the same man obviously named William B. Davis who plays the "the cigarette smoking man" and suspected to be the father of Mulder on the X-Files. She is currently featured on their homepage as well.

Lucy Lawless as Shannon Spoiler Clip/Lucy Cast Interview/B-Roll(Behind the Scenes) Including Lucy
S9 Trailer V.1
S9 Trailer V.2-6/Screengrabs
New Intro/Sneak Peek Clips
Press Release/Spoilers
Chris Carter Chat Transcript
Lucy Lawless Wallpaper
Extra-Scouting XF S9 Location-Scenes with Lucy/Shannon
S9 NIHT Trailer V.7
Spoilers/Call Sheet
Lucy Lawless Scenes in Nothing Important Happened Today I&II Episode Clips