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Lucy Lawless
The X-Files-S9-01
Nothing Important Happened Today

While forces inside the establishment attempt to stifle them, the agents find a connection to their case with suspicious murders related to waters.

Lucy Lawless plays the character Shannon McMahon "a woman out of Agent Doggett's past to haunt him in the (Lucy's words from ET Online interview) worst possible way. She also has information about the heritage of Scully's baby, and she's about to blow the world wide open. She's a loose canon. And you don't know if she's good or bad. Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?"
From Lucy Lawless in an Interview "My character, Shannon McMahon, re-enters [Agent John] Doggett's life," Lawless told Spelling by telephone from her home in Auckland, New Zealand. "They used to be in the military together--in my backstory, they fought in Beirut--and now she's causing a great deal of trouble. You don't know if she's good, and you don't know if she's bad. She seems to be both things at once." Lawless added that McMahon bears tidings for Scully's baby. "And I spent half my time naked," she said. "Why not, if it looks good onscreen? Of course, you don't see anything, except my well-endowed body double. Let's just say the character's a bit of a water baby, a water babe. She's a nymph."