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Ares couldn't believe what he saw. Two, amazing spectral shimmering flames; one blue; one green; intertwined together as a swirling mass and turning into a beautiful bipedal figure; a woman of such grace; such divine beauty. The jet-black hair was equally divided in blond strands. He saw a bit of Xena and a bit of Gabrielle; a perfect symmetry. He didn't realize how much trouble he was in until the creature picked him off the wall like a fly.

One wave of the hand and a coffin appeared. He saw his likeness on the coffin. Fear engulfed him. He struggled to get free to no avail. Xena/Gabrielle placed him in the coffin and sealed it despite Ares' screaming. No words were spoken as the spectral entity produced the Chakram of light from beneath the folds of Lilly's dress. In one swift move the chakram was lodged into the coffin lid; another scream from within. Ares would not escape this tomb so easily. If he touched the chakram he would die instantly. The Xena/Gabrielle entity simply broke it in half and placed the broken half in the eye of Osiris.

Coaxing Lilly to the exit the double entity took the Chakram of Darkness from Lilly. As the girl stepped outside as if in a trance, Xena/Gabrielle threw the Chakram with enough force to make it cascade around the cavern for hours. The chamber closed and the screaming became a muffled memory.

Outside in the forest near Potedeia something magical had happened. Two souls had united. Both were one. Both worked together to trap an evil god. Xena and Gabrielle were together at last and the feeling of love for each other was beyond human imagination. Their souls were combined as one for a common goal. Yana the creator of all things had made them into a beautiful entity.

The temporary unison was the soul purpose of things to come. For humans to evolve above materialism and create something cosmic.

Now they were separated again; their task accomplished. Both would long to be together again someday.

Lilly's soul of Xena needed to continue with her life. Gabrielle would stay with her until she herself would re-incarnate in a new body; the spectral being stayed close to her twin-soul. She would guide her as long as she as able. Gabrielle knew that Xena would do the same for her.

Xena and Gabrielle would be together for eternity; their souls are immortal; they are more than the earthly gods; they are beyond the divine; they have been together as souls of the future and will be together again somewhere along the cosmic line.

Sometime; somewhere two souls will meet.

They knew each other in life.

They knew each other in death

They had seen their soul evolution change into something beautiful.

And they longed to become that entity again.

One day; in the distant future…

The End [?]


MOTHER OF PEACE - sequel to Conflict of Interest - The arc ends here!

by Richard Kloosterboer