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~*Audra the Warrior by DarqueZone(Richard)

WARNING: This is a naughty story, I wouldn't tell Gela. All characters are created and owned by myself. So I get all the funds from it. If you are under 18, you better get out of her fast. If you are not into sexual situations or are a nun, best to leave.

By Richard Bullard

Audra the Warrior was born in the village of Vinderpeg where she learned the art of fighting, hunting, and art of war. Even though she was fierce, she still held compassion for others. Audra's skills were used in many battles in her travels and she met many odd character's along the way, but she always managed to find her way home.

On her latest adventure, she managed to destroy the evil villainess Octivia and restore peace to the town of Landous. On her way home she met an old friend from her village...She told of terrible dangers and the evil warlord Alentok who had a savage army and backing them was a 3 headed Fleegag...a dragon that could turn you to stone and breath fire...

Audra new that the Evil Warlord Alentok was such a puss and could never face her alone. She had taken down armies before and this should be none the harder. But never seeing a 3 headed Fleegag before up close, she would have to study it's moves...

She quickly ran into battle drawing her sword when she bumped into a dark stranger.

"Who do you think you are?" The stranger turned around to ask.

"I am Audra, Warrior of this village and you are standing in my way from protecting it. Step aside!!"

The dark stranger looked at her in puzzlement.

"I guess you don't know who I am then? Figures... I am Richti'us. Demi God, and I have business with Alentok."

Richti'us turned with fury burning in his eyes...Audra grabbed Richti'us by the arm...

"I will not have you destroying my village. I have friends and family there. I will stop you both if I have to."

Richti'us looked at her with a sinister laugh.

"Woman, you really don't know who I am."

Audra smirked. "I've seen your kind before."

Richti'us made his way to the center of the village calling out Alentok. Alentok stood atop a farm house as his army ran through the streets burning everything as he laughed. Audra watched in horror, then sprung into action, hacking and slicing through the men as they cried out in pain as a slow death was delt to them by her blade. She kicked and punched, jabbing them in the throat as blood trickled down their noses. Richti'us surged up his energy as flames surrounded him. Alentok quickly fled leaving his men to die. Richti'us running steady after Alentok was stopped in his tracks by the fire breathing 3 headed Fleegag stomping in front of him. Audra seeing this quickly ran to Richti'us's side. With sword drawn she was prepared to fight the Fleegag without fear, as Richti'us took her free hand in his while holding tightly transformed himself into a bad mama jamma of a dragon, and began to fight the Fleegag. Audra was mighty impressed at the powers of this dark stranger and felt a little strange. Richti'us and the Fleegag began biting and clawing at each other until the Fleegag was dead and Richti'us became the victor. Richti'us transformed back to his original form and and fell to the ground. Audra rushed to his side helping him up.

"You were amazing. Are you hurt?" she asked.

"I will be alright, your courage gave me strength to fight. There is a pool near by where I can heal, but I will need your help to get there." Audra put Richti'us's arm over her shoulder and helped him to the pool.

Richti'us sat down on a log and proceeded to take his boots off when he winced in pain.

"Would you like some help?" The lovely Warrior asked.

"I can get it myself..." Richti'us said painfully.


Audra turned away to let him deal with his pain himself. Richti'us broke down and swallowed his pride, and asked, "Would you please help me?"

She knelt down to help him untie and take off his boots. Richti'us slowly stood up and slowly took off his black trench coat.

"Here let me help you..."

Audra said this smiling as she wrapped her arms around Richti'us's waist to help him undo his belt. She slowly ran her hand over his stomach and untied his pants as the fell to the ground she gave a grin and a slight laugh. Richti'us smiled as he limped his way into the pool feeling his strength come back to him as the pool glowed a golden bright light. With his hair slicked back he emerged from the water all sexified. Audra biting her lower lip stared with intensity. He walked to the edge of the water where this amazing beauty was standing.

"The water is warm would you care to join me?"

Audra nodded and leaned down to kiss her dark stranger. Richti'us slid his hands along her thighs and slipped his thumbs under her sheep skin panties. Audra sat down by the waters edge as he slid them off. Richti'us tossed her panties to the side and began to take off her boots. They kissed as he untied the straps on her leather breast plate and exposed her breasts. He laid the breast plate off to the side and Audra began to tease Richti'us with her nipples. He gently squeezed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She undid her leather skirt and slid into the pool, feeling energized, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deep with passion. She wrapped her legs around him letting his hard cock enter her. Rythmically they started off slow, but steadily it got faster. Richti'us turned Audra around, and entered her pussy from behind, and they fucked like rabbits.

As they climaxed they slowly fell into each other, madly, deeply, in love.
They started to gather their clothes when a bright light appeared, and the smile went away from Richti'us's face as he knew what it was...

They had broken a law against the gods....

To be continued...